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(FL001) Pijn - From Low Beams Of Hope Cassette PRE-ORDER

(FL001) Pijn - From Low Beams Of Hope Cassette PRE-ORDER

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'From Low Beams Of Hops' is the new full length album from Pijn. 

The band’s most abstract work, FLBOH is more reflective than their previous releases – moving away from writing toward a fleshed-out theme, and toward a pure aural emotive maelstrom: positivity tempered by a deep melancholy. Audio samples taken from a mountain of sources of the band’s life underpin the majority of FLBOH, but only peek through in the softer, sadder moments of the album, while the poem that serves as the introduction to the record lays out the broad moods found within: impermanence, perspective, regret, respite.

Please note: this is a pre-order and will ship on or around June 28th, 2024.


Each cassette is housed in a simple card box designed and printed by our good friends at Misc Print Co. There are 2 variants of the symbols on the cassette boxes, which one you receive is up to the packaging gods. A digital download card to be redeemed on Bandcamp will be included.


Recorded and mixed by Joe Clayton at No Studio
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg at VRTKL Audio


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